Welcome to the Opera House--featuring lyrics from the sweet melodies of the Final Fantasy series
Xenosaga Episode II

Sweet Song

I remember the days of summer
We were so close together
You were humming the song of silence
Sweetly plucking the harp of wind

Ev'ry moment was sacred and mystic
We were near to the shore of eternity
The days are gone, and will never come back

You were a half of me...long time ago

Life can never be perfect without you
But I'm still on my way to the future
For I remember your sweet song in my mind

To the lost horizon, I'm calling your name
Again and again...

Though the night is so dark
A new dawn is so close to me
Sun will come and shine on all seeds of hope
"Bud and bloom..."

I remember the days of winter
You were sitting beside me
All alone in the shuttered places
We were waiting for thawing day

Ev'ry moment was sacred and mystic
We were hoping the night was eternal
The days are gone, so far away
I'm still singing your sweet song for long
Long windy nights...

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