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[Kaze no Ne] Kaze no Ne (Sound of the Wind) (Japanese)

Kirameku hoshizora wa yume no ma ni ma niA sky of glittering stars speaks to me
Tadayotteru watashi e to katarikakeruWandering at the mercy of dreams
Sazameku kaze no ne wa tobira no hiraku neThe sound of the rippling wind is the sound that opens the door
Ima hajimaru monogatari no hiraku neThe sound that will unfold the story that now begins
Habataku toritachi mo hi o abi tonde yukuFlapping birds fly off too, bathed in the sun
Saa, tabidatsu toki ga kitaThe time has come for your departure
Mayowazu ni yukeDon't hesitate--just go
Daijoubu--to asayake no sora wa itta"It's all right" said the sunrise sky
Yurameku kokoro no oku niIf you hide in the depths of a wavering heart
Kakurete wa mieruYou can still be seen
Afureru omoide o kakareteCarrying memories that overflow
Furikaeru na--asayake no sora wa itta"Don't turn back" said the sunrise sky
Hatenaki yama no mukou niIf you hide beyond the endless mountains
Kakurete wa mieruYou can still be seen
Kasuka na hikari made aruiteWalking along toward the hazy light
Hatenaki sora no mukou niIf you hide beyond the endless sky
Kakurete wa mieruYou can still be seen
Tashika na miraizu o motometeSearching for a reliable future

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Sound of the Wind (English)

Dreaming of the stars on high
That speak to me in secret sighs
Drifting on a breeze
Only I can feel and hear

Could it be the sacred wind
That's calling me to now begin
To walk into the dark
Carrying the light of tomorrow?

Beating of the wings up high
Beyond the earth, beyond the sky
Come on, don't hesitate
Don't look back--we've got to go now

Don't fear
You'll be safe from now on
Morning sky watching over all

Deep inside so silently
My heart must beat
Deep inside of me
Memories flickering and shimmering on

Keeping close to the path
Morning sky watching over all

Moving over endless mountains up so high
Walking to the light
Your heart will see the path
And you will find the way
Just wait and see

Moving over endless sky, oh so high
We'll follow, when in doubt
Your promises today
Just wait and see

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[Hoshizukiyo] Hoshizukiyo (Starry Moonlit Night)

Shiokaze ni mukai When I face the sea breeze
Me o tojireba And close my eyes
Omoi o haseru My thoughts turn to
Aoi kokage The green and leafy shade
Tooku wadatsumi koeta karada oHaving crossed the distant seas
Ima wa tada iyashitaiI just want to heal my body now
Kotoba wa nakutomoEven without words
Me o awaserebaIf our eyes should meet
Kayoiatta kokoroOur hearts, reaching one another
Shinjiaeta yumeThe dreams we both believed in
Te no hira o sashinobete kureta nakamatachi niTo the friends who held out their hands to me
Orei o--arigatouI thank you
Ayumi o tomesou ni nattaWhen my steps were slowing to a stop
Toki ni ukanda haha no kaoI would recall my mother's face
Kazoku no moto e ima sugu kaeritaiI want to return to my family at once
Namida koraeta hoshizukiyoStarry moonlit night, choking back tears
Tabidatta koro noCompared to when
Jibun to kuraberebaI set off on my journey
Tsuyoku natteru ka na?Have I grown stronger?
Dattara sukoshi ureshiiThat'd make me a little happy
Tsuki naki yoru moEven on moonless nights
TerashiaebaIf we shine on one another
Ayumi tsuzukerareru michiWe can keep walking down this road
Hikari afureru hoshizukiyoStarry moonlit night, overflowing with light

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Moonless Starry Night (English)

Face to the sea
I hear the wind
Calling me to truth
Close your eyes
And dream beneath
The warmth of skies of blue
Longing to rest my weary bones
So long the path
O be still my soul
Don't say a word
I know what's on your mind anytime
Follow the path and you will see
Together we can sigh
Holding dear times in mind
Friends stay near
They guided my path and my heart
I thank you

When the night was creeping and frightening
Then I saw the love of my mother dear
Aching for the arms of my family
Holding back the tears
Holding back the darkness
Moonless starry night
Am I stronger, wiser than
When I first met you?
Could it be that I've grown and changed?
I'm happy if it's true
In the dark of night
Don't be scared, believe me
I can show you what's right
Follow the path of light
Together we'll shine
In the moonless starry night

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